Remember the Ladies: April Edition

Throughout history, women's achievements have often been downplayed or overlooked. 

As part of WPLN's efforts to empower women, we aim to recognize the women who came before us.

Here's what women in the past accomplished during the month of April throughout history:

  • APRIL 11, 1910: Annie Dodge Wauneka is born on this day; she would later be elected to the Navajo Tribal Council.
  • APRIL 16, 1973: Leila Smith Foley becomes the first Black woman to be elected mayor of a U.S. city upon being elected mayor of Taft, Oklahoma.
  • APRIL 26, 1777: 16-year-old Sybil Ludington is said to have ridden 40 miles on horseback in the middle of the night to warn the American militia of an attack from the British.

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