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March 29, 2023


Cassie Alsfeld

Alexandria,Va. (March 29, 2023)—Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN)—a non-partisan non-profit that organizes, encourages, and prepares women to seek public office—announced the new members of its National Impact Council.

“I am excited to welcome these impressive women to our National Impact Council,” said WPLN Co-Founder and President Larissa Martinez. “Each brings a unique perspective and a diverse set of skills that will help us build a pipeline of women seeking public office and leadership positions.

WPLN works to engage women from a diversity of backgrounds, including those with different professions, educational levels, ages, and family statuses, as well as those with varying cultural, ethnic, religious, and racial make-ups.

The 2023 National Impact Council members include:

●      Ashley O’Rourke - Director of Analytics and Audience Insights, Majority Strategies

●      Lisa Lisker - Owner, Huckaby Davis Lisker, Inc.

●      Cynthia Kaui - Executive Secretary, City of Chula Vista, Office of Mayor John McCann

●      Sara Marie Kinney Ridley - State Strategist, Majority Strategies

●      Coach Princess Brownfield - CEO, Crown Elevate Project, LLC

●      Shenée Simon - Founder & Executive Director, S.H.E. Collective Inc.

●      Tamira A. Samuel - National Co-Executive Director, The Urban Leaders Fellowship

●      Amber Crawford - Communications Director, Republican Party of Arkansas

Ashley O'Rourke
Lisa Lisker
Cynthia Kaui
Sara Marie Ridley
Princess Brownfield
Shenee Simon
Tamira A. Samuel
Amber Crawford

The Impact Council provides critical guidance and feedback to WPLN on its outreach and programmatic activities to ensure the organization is using a wide lens when designing and implementing its programs.

“The Impact Council plays a vital role in helping WPLN mitigate the barriers women face when running for office, obtaining political appointments, and becoming more engaged in the political process,” said Martinez.

“Now more than ever, it’s clear our country needs more women at the table,” expressed Martinez. “And WPLN is committed to making that happen.”


Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN) is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that educates, organizes, and inspires women to enter public office across the United States. We aim to mitigate barriers women face by partnering with a network of state-based organizations who identify, engage, and train women to run for elected office, obtain political appointments, and become more involved in the political process.  WPLN also offers tools and opportunities designed to equip women with the knowledge and resources they need as they step up, get involved in the political process, and lead.