Investing in Women Leaders to Bring Diversity to the Public Arena

Authenticity expectations

At WPLN, we believe that women are best served by organizations that understand the unique needs and experiences they have at the local and state level, from election regulations to voting habits to authenticity expectations.

With this in mind, instead of uniform state chapters, WPLN is investing in autonomous organizations in each state building the infrastructure and programs that will best serve their women. 

WPLN awards grants to existing and emerging state organizations who seek to serve diverse women by preparing them with the tools necessary to seek and secure elected and appointed office as well for those that aim to meaningfully engage in political processes within their communities.

WPLN invites State Partners to participate in a grant program specifically designed to expand current programs and amplify influence. Emerging state leaders who share the passion for and the commitment to building new organizations are invited to participate in our New Development Cohort.

New organizations will follow a development process based on best practices in non-profit, training and political coalition building. This is a robust program which requires monthly meetings and check-ins with WPLN staff and other grantees, with the intention of identifying and removing barriers for these new nonprofit leaders.

Each grantee will become not only a recipient of funds, but will be expected to serve as a thought leader and ambassador for WPLN. Individual success, innovation, expertise and experience will be shared among grantees to uncover promising practices that elevate center-right leaning women leadership across the country.   

Emphasis for grant approval is placed on an organization's adherence and ability to:

  1. Identify and remove barriers to mentoring and training for center-right women to seek elected or appointed office in a given state

  2. Commit to uphold and demonstrate the following core values of WPLN:

    • Commitment to fiscal responsibility

    • A pragmatic approach to policy 

    • An emphasis on individual and community responsibility based on the dignity of all persons 

    • Demonstrated commitment to diversity in leadership, programming, and participation

Participation in the New Development Cohort and all grants are by invitation only. If you’d like to be considered or find out if your organization meets our requirements, please contact us.