#WomensHistoryMonth: Kathy Hochul

As the first woman in history to lead the state of New York as Governor, Kathy Hochul inspires with her unique leadership skills. She is resilient and tough. However, what truly sets her apart is her profound empathy and genuine compassion for her constituents. Ensuring their well-being remains at the forefront of her governance.

Across New York's rich history, spanning 236 years and encompassing 57 governors, Hochul stands out as the first woman to hold the position of governor in the state. She credits her success to the pioneering women who have paved the way before her and hopes to create a more inclusive political landscape for the women to follow her.

At WPLN, we share her vision of inspiring more women to step forward and pursue public office confidently. Her governance signifies a significant step toward equality and leadership representation. She is a testament to hope and progress for future generations of women leaders.

One significant achievement of Governor Hochul's is the creation of her diverse administration. Women are heading some of New York's most critical departments, like Homeland Security, Emergency Services, and the transportation system. Governor Hochul has notably appointed a woman as the Secretary to the Governor, emphasizing her decision to empower female leaders in the top positions of state government.

Despite her historical accomplishments, Governor Hochul stems from a humble beginning. Her parents lived in a trailer park, and her dad worked at the steel plant while her mom took the bus to work. Her clothes came from second-hand stores and after her family grew, they moved, and she began to share the attic bedroom with her two brothers. Her mother taught her the importance of helping, regardless of your circumstances. Her family would care for people dealing with the harshness of life and foster as many kids as they could in the summer months. People needing help were constantly coming in and out of her home. In high school, she worked almost until midnight, bringing in extra money for her family and saving for college. She is no stranger to sacrificing for those she cares about the most.

As a young woman, I am most thankful for Governor Hochul's advice regarding confidence. She is quoted as saying, "Confidence is something you can create in yourself instantaneously…Start training yourself mentally to visualize yourself as a leader, and there's no stopping you." This Women’s History Month, we look up to her example and other trailblazers like her.