#WomensHistoryMonth: Barbara Comstock

Barbara Comstock served as the representative for Virginia's 10th congressional district in the U.S. House of Representatives from 2015-2019, where she addressed pivotal issues such as government accountability. One important initiative championed by Comstock was the INSPIRE Women Act, aimed at fostering greater female participation in traditionally male-dominated fields.

In addition to her efforts to promote gender diversity and opportunity, Comstock was a vocal advocate for reform to combat sexual harassment in the workplace. Although it can be difficult and uncomfortable to call out people that you work with, Comstock set the example of pursuing accountability above all else.

Among Comstock’s achievements is her legislation strengthening penalties for sex trafficking, demonstrating her commitment to protecting men and women who are victims of  exploitation. Despite not fitting into the “mainstream,” her prioritization of these issues conveys the value she places on the safety of the vulnerable. I see this as a small yet important step towards a safer world for women.

Comstock's leadership and resolve paved the way for progress, leaving a lasting impact on both her constituents and the nation as a whole. When I begin to move forward in my own career, I will think of Barbara when I want to make a difference even if the people around me are not ready to initiate the change.