August Tips From the Trail With Marta Salazar

Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN) is excited to release the latest installment in our monthly Tips From the Trail series, highlighting the different experiences and perspectives of individuals who have worked in the world of campaign politics.

In our August Tips From the Trail, Maureen McInerney, WPLN’s Director of Development and External Affairs, spoke with Marta Salazar, Director of Agency Relations in Political Advocacy Group Sales at TelevisiaUnivision. Based out of Washington D.C., Marta serves as a voice for Hispanic voters throughout the country and works to educate candidates and campaigns on the importance and challenges of appealing to Hispanics.

Marta first got her start in broadcast television in New York of 1989. After working in advertising for twenty-five years, she decided that she wanted to both use her unique skill-set and foster her passion for politics. Since joining Univision in 2021, she says that “the most rewarding part has been the ability to share the plethora of resources and data to help inform and empower the Hispanic community to campaigns and candidates and help them understand the value of this fast-growing voting bloc.”

When it comes to purchasing advertisements as a campaign, Marta said it’s all about engaging “early and regularly in language and following up with the community.” The Hispanic population is growing, and the Hispanic community in America is “hopeful, optimistic about the future… and they want to be invited to the table.” She encourages campaigns to not “take any voting bloc for granted and know who your audience is.”

At Univision, Marta’s team provides candidates and campaigns with resources and data such as Hispanic voter profiles to assist with messaging. When it comes to key issues and their degree of importance for this voter bloc, Marta says that,

It’s all about education, first and foremost. Who is that audience, what matters to them, and your platform; what are your issues, what are you standing for, and how does that align with this audience… Hispanic issues are American issues.”

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