Tips From the Trail with Laura Maristany

Women's Public Leadership Network (WPLN) is excited to continue our video series, Tips From the Trail, where we interview top leaders who have worked on political campaigns or run for office. In our October Tips From the Trail, Emma Ruskamp, WPLN Nonprofit Management Fellow, was joined by Laura Maristany, Founder and CEO of Prospera Insights.

Drawing on 18 years of expertise in leadership and management roles spanning various sectors, Laura places a significant emphasis on formulating effective strategies that align with market trends. During her interview, she detailed her professional journey, highlighting how it has empowered her to contribute to essential causes that are "transforming communities across the country.”

In an environment characterized by ongoing polarization, individuals striving for change frequently encounter numerous challenges. Laura's strategy for ensuring our systems best serve our communities? Create a collaborative space: "Embracing that we are different and finding the right tools to have conversations about that difference is healthy. It's important to democracy for us to be able to have those conversations."

Laura credited her Hispanic heritage for shaping her bold approach to collaboration:

“I have had the privilege of being able to follow a path in my career that allowed me to kind of lean into [my Hispanic heritage] and lean into what I believe a truly healthy democracy should look like. I would say that, in fact, in all of my jobs in one way, shape, or form, my spirit empowers communities to make sure people are voting, and we have access to voting rights all the way to having healthier movements on both the right and the left.” 

During her interview, Laura candidly discussed the recent challenges she overcame in her career, expressing deep gratitude for the ongoing commitment of her network who offer unwavering support through the triumphs and stand by her side during the challenges. If you're seeking a network of empowering women to foster success on your path, explore WPLN's upcoming events and check out Laura's full interview here: