Elevating Women’s Voices Beyond the Ballot: What [more] you can do this Election Day

As Election Day draws near, it is imperative to actively engage in the political process. This involves not only exercising your own right to vote, but may mean supporting female candidates in your local elections and rallying your peers to get involved. This year, the political landscape is abuzz, with many state and local elections occurring nationwide (check out when your state is holding elections here!). These elections can shape the direction of our communities and influence policies that directly impact our daily lives. 

Are you wondering how you can take action in the 2023 elections, beyond just casting your vote? Explore these five methods to stay involved leading up to and on Election Day!  

  • Empower Moms: Provide Childcare Support on Election Day

Supporting moms by caring for their little ones while they head to the polls is a helpful way to remove barriers that might otherwise prevent moms from exercising their right to vote. By offering to babysit for the moms in your life, you ensure that they have the opportunity to participate in the democratic process. This act of support acknowledges the importance of every voice in our community, regardless of parental responsibilities, and emphasizes the value of civic engagement for all. It’s a small gesture with a significant impact, reinforcing that every vote matters and deserves to be heard. 

  • Volunteer as a Poll Worker, Poll Watcher, or with a Campaign

Thousands of poll workers are needed to ensure each county-wide election runs smoothly. Volunteering as a poll worker offers women a unique and rewarding opportunity to actively participate in democracy, learn valuable skills, and make a positive impact on their communities. This experience can help shape your understanding of civic responsibility and empower you to be an active and engaged citizen. 

Poll watchers play a crucial role in safeguarding the freedom and, most importantly, the fairness of elections. Recently, elections have faced the unique challenge of embracing both in-person and absentee voter turnout, which has served as a powerful reminder of just how crucial it is to uphold the integrity of our elections. Poll watchers oversee elections and report any potential challenges voters may encounter when attempting to cast their ballot. If you are interested in volunteering this election period, contact your local political party or state election commission.

Lastly, campaigns at every level are in need of volunteers to get their message out, knock doors, make calls, staff high-visibility locations, and more. If you believe in a particular candidate’s vision, reach out to their campaign to get involved!

  • Remind and encourage your network to Vote

Encouraging our friends to vote is a powerful way to ignite positive change, strengthen our democracy, and guarantee that every voice is valued. If you’re planning to vote in-person, offer to carpool with your friends to the polls! Have you checked if your friends are registered and ready to vote? Why not ask them? To make it easier, we have provided a sample text you can send them! Simply copy, paste, and send it to all the amazing men and women you know! 

Hey there! Just a friendly reminder to make your voice heard this Election Day. Don’t forget to vote! 🗳️ And if you haven’t registered yet, there’s no time like the present: visit vote.gov!

  • Research Female Candidates in Your Area

Get to know the women on your ballot! Researching any candidates in your area is an essential step towards making an informed choice. Recognize, too, how your vote can help create a more inclusive, representative, and effective government that works for everyone, regardless of gender. Elected officials who represent community demographics and values are essential. It is imperative to have more women at decision-making tables to better reflect the diverse perspectives of our society. Learn more about the female candidates and officeholders in your state here!

  • Take Advantage of Training and Leadership Programs 

If you are unable to participate in this year’s elections, exploring and enhancing your leadership skills could be a transformative step toward future political involvement. Whether you are already in office or just starting to plan your political journey, there are a multitude of training and leadership opportunities available. These programs not only offer strategic insights into running for office but foster communities of self-assured women, equipping them with tools to combat oppression while establishing a network of mutual inspiration. Don’t miss out – discover upcoming leadership events in your state!

If you are interested in discovering more ways to engage, be sure to go back and watch WPLN’s Facebook Live discussion on our Facebook page for a deep dive with Ellen Rooney, Republican Commissioner of the Boston Election Department, Janelle King, Co-Founder of Speak Georgia, and Dr. Karen Owen, Founder of VoteHer Georgia.