February Leadership Spotlight With Josselin Castillo

Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN) is excited to continue our Leadership Spotlight
series, where we highlight women of different backgrounds and industries who are paving the
way for women in leadership.

This month, WPLN Fellow, Kendall Webb, is joined by Josselin Castillo, principal of federal
government relations at the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB). In Josselin’s
work with NFIB, she is responsible for supporting and advocating for small businesses in public policy.

In her interview, Josselin spoke about her non-traditional career path, emphasizing her
background as the daughter of two immigrants as well as her diverse professional experience. “I thought of my career as a toolbox and not one thing. I didn’t say, ‘I'm going to be a lawyer, I'm going to be a doctor.’ I said, ‘I want to be very versatile.’ I started to think, ‘What do I need to put in my toolbox to be able to do that?’”

A critical skill in Josselin’s “toolbox” is the ability to effectively communicate by recognizing the value of words: “Communicating should be precise wording, and you should be able to empower people, to motivate them with your truth, no fluff.”

Throughout her interview, Josselin encouraged those interested in public office to “know your why" and remember that public leadership is about serving others. She notes that despite ongoing challenges for women entering public service, organizations like WPLN have helped alleviate these barriers to entry.

“Once you have made that decision [to run for office], assess your talents and skills, stay principled, be empathetic, and then build your team… If you have all that and you get a good team, I don't know what's stopping you!”

Josselin also emphasized the importance of mentorship in her professional journey, saying that
having someone believe in you” can make the difference in women’s leadership journeys. Seeking mentorship and a supportive network of female leaders? Join WPLN for our 2024 National Summit in Denver this June! To learn more about Josselin’s leadership journey and the work of NFIB, watch the full spotlight below.