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WPLN Announces 2024 National Summit Award Winners - Betsy Ankney and Jerry Natividad

June 13, 2024


Sunita Theiss

Alexandria, VA (June 12, 2024)—Women’s Public Leadership Network (WPLN), a non-partisan non-profit that equips and encourages women to seek public office, announced today that it will honor Betsy Ankney of Washington, DC and Jerry Natividad of Denver, CO at its 3rd Annual Leadership Summit from June 20-22, 2024 in Denver, CO.

“We are incredibly honored to celebrate everything Betsy and Jerry have done to support women leaders,” said Larissa Martinez, President and Founder of WPLN. “They have been committed to increasing women’s leadership at every level of government throughout their careers, and we are grateful for the leadership they have shown to elevate women’s voices.”

WPLN will present Betsy Ankney with the “2024 Architect of Society Award.” Inspired by Harriett Beecher Stowe’s words that, “Women are the real architects of society,” this award is presented to a woman who exemplifies the qualities of a public leader: effective, principled, and a true public servant.

“Betsy is an award-winning political consultant, and most recently served as the campaign manager for Ambassador Nikki Haley’s presidential campaign,” said Martinez. “She consistently advocates for women leaders, both on the campaign trail and off, and is one of only a handful of women to have led a majority-party presidential campaign.”

Ankney has been an advisor to Ambassador Nikki Haley since 2021, and continues to lead Ambassador Haley’s Stand for America PAC.

Named for Susan B. Anthony’s father and ardent supporter of her efforts, the “2024 Daniel Anthony Award” celebrates a man who has given critical support to a female public leader(s). WPLN is honored to present the Daniel Anthony Award to Jerry Natividad, CEO of American Facility Services Group, Inc. 

“Jerry has been a consistent advocate for business owners, the Hispanic community, and women leaders in his community and throughout the state.” expressed Martinez. “He leads by example, and we are especially grateful for his support of WPLN’s Colorado training partner, Colorado Women’s Alliance Foundation (CWAF).”

Natividad is the founder and CEO of a large facility management company headquartered in Lakewood, CO, where he and his wife Grace have lived for more than 39 years.

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