Meet the Network: Sara Marie Ridley

Meet one ofSara+Marie+Ridley138-Edit-+WEB+VERSION+Chris+Gillett+Houston+Headshot+Photographer the outstanding women in WPLN's national network: Sara Marie Ridley! 

Sara Marie Ridley is a State Strategist with Majority Strategies where she works with campaigns and clients primarily in Texas and New Mexico, but also a handful of other states including Alaska, Colorado, Oklahoma, Missouri, New York, and Delaware. Before joining the Majority Strategies team in 2018, Sara Marie served as the Deputy Press Secretary at the US Department of Energy where she supported all press activity for Secretary of Energy Rick Perry. Prior to that she spent ten years working in and around elected officials and campaigns across Texas. Sara Marie was born and raised in Texas but spent both her undergraduate years and graduate school at Fordham University in New York City. She now lives in West Austin with her husband Brent Ridley, their sons, Danny and Jett.

Sara Marie is also a member of WPLN's National Impact Council. The Impact Council is a coalition from across the United States that provides critical  guidance and feedback to the WPLN Team on outreach efforts and programmatic activities to ensure the organization is using a wide lens when designing and implementing its efforts.  Interested in joining? Apply today!