Practitioner Advisory Network (PAN) Membership

WPLN’s Practitioner Advisory Network (PAN) connects practitioners across the country with emerging female leaders to share best practices & show the support that exists, not just in their states but nationwide. As a PAN member, you will be directly empowering women of all backgrounds to pursue a journey in public service & become more civically-engaged in their communities.

Each member of PAN will be highly-valued for the expertise that they bring to the table. We’ll make certain that the opportunities we bring you to be engaged with our network will be those that have the highest yield & will be the best use of the time that you’ll kindly donate to our effort.

We want to hear from you about what’s going right & what we may be doing wrong; we’ll consider you to be our “eyes & ears” in places we may & may not have a presence in. You’ll be vital to helping WPLN grow in a variety of ways & your level of engagement with us will be entirely up to you.

From time to time, you may be asked to: provide input on WPLN’s various state-based or national programming & messaging as well as potentially activate your various networks as a way to help raise WPLN’s profile both nationally & in various states & localities.


About the role of a WPLN PAN Member


No limit on number of members; however, WPLN leadership will conduct due diligence to ensure that all those who are invited to join PAN not only support WPLN’s mission but also represent and reflect the organization’s core principles.


In addition to being on the frontlines of a new organization that’s working to change the face of public service, benefits for members of the Board will include:

  • Opportunities to provide expertise to women across the country on certain aspects of campaigning &/or involvement in the public sphere

  • Connection with various WPLN Board Members as well as other opportunities to expand your networks

  • Recognition on the WPLN website & in select print materials


Given that PAN is an informal body within the organizational structure of WPLN, members are kindly requested to be open to the following:

  • Serving as a speaker &/or host at an in-person event

  • Sharing expertise as part of our digital content

  • Acting as a mentor to a WPLN member &/or recommending mentors

  • Acting as an Ambassador for WPLN - promoting the mission & activities of WPLN in various venues

  • Joining quarterly calls to give input and to get updates on WPLN’s work