We believe public service is a calling.

Those that endeavor to take on this noble mission deserve the opportunity to be considered and to present their case to the voters, no matter their circumstance. When looking to jump into the political arena, women are enduring barriers to entry. At WPLN, we want to dispel these barriers so women feel empowered to seek public office and engage in the process.


Every step of the way

We designed our organization with busy women in mind.

Our programs can be tailored to individual member needs. We wanted to have options so women can access our resources when its convenient for them. Women’s Public Leadership Network provides women with easily accessible knowledge and resources to make running for elected office and engaging in the political process a reality.

We Provide:

  • Family-friendly events

  • Babysitting at all in-person events

  • Informational resources and videos

  • Master Classes and Interactive Workshops on weekends

  • Access to a national network of practioners, supporters, and mentors.



A New Era

We believe democracy is best served when we have a diverse set of voices represented in the decision-making process — a reflective democracy.

WPLN: Women’s Public Leadership Network is a 501(c)(3) nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, working from coast to coast to help more women reach their political goals.